SNEAKERS | October 20, 2021

A New Dimension: Adidas 4D

The Future of Performance

Adidas are back at it, doing what they can to implement innovative technology into their sneakers. Pushing the limits of whats possible to pack into a pair of shoes, while keeping performance in mind of course.

What actually is 4D? A mixture of light and oxygen by way of Digital Light Synthesis, sounds complicated right? Thats because it is… just to make it more confusing. Carbon Digital Light Synthesis uses light and oxygen-permeable optics to make a 3D object which is then solidified through thermal baking. Creating a lightweight, durable and comfortable outsole, perfect for both performance running and your favourite sidewalk sneaker. Put simply its fancy, it’s comfy and its here to stay,

Adidas 4D Pulse

Not only innovative but environmentally friendly! The Pulse is made with Primegreen. A material that adidas has developed alongside Parley, an environmental organisation. By collecting plastic floating in the ocean and recycling it through their products. Adidas have kept the high quality of their products without using any new polyester in the production process.

Comfort on your feet and peace of mind, the Primegreen material offer a comfortable and flexible upper ready for you to get up and run around the the world your helping keep clean.

As expected the 4D midsole is the future of performance footwear and is out in full force with the Pulse. As the foot meets the ground, the midsole absorbs the force and exerting the energy out forwards, encouraging you to keep moving forward.  This provides a smooth transition with every step.

The adidas 4D Pulse is the future of high performance and we wouldn’t be the ‘Undisputed King Of Trainers’ if we didn’t have them for you, check them out now right here at JD Sports.

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